Hi! I’m Owen,

Just some guy who has a blog

I recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati with an undergraduate degree in finance. Wow... that feels weird to say. It feels like my whole life up until this point has revolved around school, and now that it is over I feel lost. This is where I am going to share my journey of self-discovery as I navigate my post-grad life. Thanks for joining me! 

This blog is going to be a little unorthodox. I have never enjoyed focusing on just one subject. I am a polymath to my core; learning new things brings me life. Because of that, I might jump around a lot, exploring everything along the way. Currently, I am passionate about reading, traveling, yoga, and philosophy, all of which I am dying to share with you. Who knows... maybe I'll even talk about finance. Should probably use that degree for something, right?


Plan on getting vulnerable, as I am a budding bisexual who struggles with mental illness and challenges gender roles at every opportunity. So get ready and strap in as I take you through all the twists and turns of my sexual awakening. Think Sex and the City, but better... because it is gay. 

I am hoping this blog allows me to connect with new people and create a community of people like me. So if you watch too much Tik Tok and have no idea what you are doing with your life... welcome! Stay a while.