• Owen Stephens

Goodbye Rohs Street

There is something magical about the first cup of coffee in the morning. I hold the cup to my chest and It hugs me with its warmth. Closing my eyes and letting the steam defrost my nose, I am transported to weekends with my grandma. Every Sunday morning we would wake up to get breakfast and then see the earliest matinee showing of whatever movie came out that week. Grandma always got a coffee and I would get a hot chocolate (because my mom said I was too young for caffeine) but sometimes my grandma or grandpa would let me try a teaspoon of her coffee. She took it with two creams and two sugars and even then it was too bitter for me, but still, I drank it because it made me feel like an adult. Sometimes I would just drink the little packets of vanilla creamer while I waited for our food. Coffee reminds me of some of my happiest days and working at Rohs I like to think I spread that joy to others too.

Over the last 2 years, Rohs has become my home and the regulars have become my family. Shifts filled with friends at the bar never felt like work. A quiet morning doing my weekly crossword puzzle could instantly turn into an eight-person collaborative project full of laughter that probably never got finished. My final shift last night was an incredible reminder that I am loved, and I am thankful for the beautiful humans that filled that bar all the way until we closed. If I have learned anything from watching old sitcoms it is that every person in their 20s needs a Central Perk or Monk’s Cafe to start every story in, and Rohs Street has become mine. While I may be leaving, I’m not going anywhere. So save me a seat at the bar, and I’ll see you on Monday ❤️